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Fr. Raymond Gramata,          Pastor

August 24, 2014

From your Pastor,

I want to share with you another story that I found in a magazine.  “A woman lived in a simple apartment, caring for her frail husband day and night.  Having suffered a catastrophic stroke, he was helplessly bedridden.  His loss of comprehension was so great that he thought his wife was his mother.  The visitor commiserated with the woman and said: ‘This must be very hard for you.’  The woman replied: ‘If you love someone, you‘ll do anything.’”

Just think for a few minutes.  What the woman said, mirrors what God is doing for us, even today.  When we had sinned and lost our way, because of the sin of Adam and Eve, God did not give up on us.  He still loved them and us.  He promised that He would send a Redeemer to restore what sin had taken away.  He loves us.

When the time came to share that love with us anew and to restore, He gave us a most special gift in the gift of His own Son, Jesus, born of the Virgin Mary.  Jesus showed His love for His Father and for us by His actions on Good Friday.  On that day He redeemed us.  He loved His Father so much and loved us equally.  On Holy Thursday, Jesus showed His love for us by leaving a most special gift, the gift of Himself under the appearances of bread and wine.  What looks like bread and wine is now Jesus.  What a wonderful gift of love, that Jesus remains with us forever and continues to both feed us and love us.

Let us go back again to the words of the woman: “If you love someone, you’ll do anything.”

What a wonderful loving God we have!

Fr. Ray




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