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Fr. Raymond Gramata,          Pastor

October 19, 2014

From your Pastor,

Today as a Church we celebrate what is called “World Mission Sunday”.  You might be asking - what is the purpose of it?  Is it just a second collection and that’s all?  Pope Francis is constantly reminding us to look at the larger picture, which is that we are called to be missionaries.  Where did we acquire this role of missionary?   It came with the reality of our baptism. 

Let us look at the history of our church as recorded in the Acts of the Apostles.  Once the Apostles experienced Pentecost, they began to be missionaries.  They brought the faith in Jesus to the people of the time and when persecution began they brought it to the neighboring towns and villages.  They kept expanding the scope of what came to be known as Christianity.  Remember Saint Paul, the Apostle to the Gentiles, how after his conversion, he bravely proclaimed the faith under the guidance of the Holy Spirit to all of the gentiles.  Nothing could stop him - not even house arrest.

You and I are called to be missionaries in two ways: first on the local scene and then the worldwide scene.  How are we missionaries locally?  We bring Christ to the marketplace.  We have such wonderful helping organizations in town that allow us to be missionaries.  Two of them are the Friendship Table and Destinations and there are many more.  We can make a difference by volunteering at these places.  Right now in our community there is a winter coat drive and later on the Thanksgiving food drive.  We can be a part of them or you may have your own particular project in mind.

On the worldwide scene, even if it is impossible to go to a mission area we can support it by our prayers and donations.  We know that we cannot support all the requests that come in, but we can support one.  What would be the simplest definition of a missionary?  It would be this -  one who lives their faith every day in the marketplace.  You can make a difference.

God Bless,

Fr. Ray




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