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Fr. Raymond Gramata,          Pastor

June 28, 2015

From Your Pastor,

For the past several Sundays, the readings are asking us to see the importance of faith in our daily life.   Today’s Gospel has a story within a story about faith.  The first story is about the synagogue official, Jairus, who has a daughter critically ill to the point of death; and the second story is about a woman with a hemorrhage, who touches Jesus.  Both approach Jesus in faith and then are rewarded for that faith.   People come to Jairus and tell him that his daughter had died, but listen to the words of Jesus: “Do not be afraid, just have faith.”  To the woman he says: “Daughter your faith has saved you.  Go in peace and be cured of your affliction.”

Faith should and must be an important factor of our life; it has to be in the forefront of our entire decision making.  We must not and cannot live by a double standard - one way in church and another way outside of church.  There is only one way and that is the way of Jesus.  What caused both Jairus and the woman to come to Jesus?  Both believed that Jesus could do something for them and they were not ashamed to admit it and believe it. 

The story of the woman, in one sense, is the more poignant one.  She merely touches His clothing - in faith - and receives her miracle.  Jesus at once realizes that a miracle has taken place from all of the pushing and shoving of the crowd.  He knew that this touch was different from all the others.  He responds accordingly, to affirm her of what had taken place in her. 

Like these two people, faith has to play an important part in our life.  Faith is not merely a church thing it is a lived out experience daily in our life. Faith does not demand us to do a lot of great things, that we may be noticed, but it asks us to do all the little things out of love for Him.  For example - a smile, a call on the phone, or opening the door for someone who needs assistance are all little things.  You can think of a many more.  We are called to share our faith and make people feel welcome and a part of our faith whether in church or in the marketplace.  Let us recall the famous line about the early Christians:  “See how they love one another”.  Let that statement be the force in our life, and then, people will come to recognize that our faith is just as real as the faith of Jairus and the woman.  God Bless.

Fr. Ray




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